My thoughts on Blogging

If someone had told me before I started university that blogging was the wave of the future in education; I would have said, “What is this? 1990? BLOGS!?”  The thought of old monitors humming and the sound of a dial up tone comes to my mind.

So when I learned in my second year that I would need to be creating weekly blogs during my ECS 200 class, I couldn’t help but groan internally.  I think one of the main reasons as to why I didn’t care for blogging is because it felt like I didn’t have opportunities to connect with others through blogging.  Sure, I got a few hits on my blog, but only because we had to comments on the blogs of our classmates.

However, the worlds we live in is interconnected through the World Wide Web.  Gone are the days of the days of chalkboards; now is the time for SMARTBoards.  Teaching using technology is a must for the modern world in which we live in.  The articles we read this week made me think about the logistics attached to blogging with children.  A quote that stood out to me from The Joy of Blogging is, “Issues of safe, responsible use of the Internet needs to be addressed directly and systematically in the classroom, and as early as elementary school.”  I think that it is important to ensure that I help students navigate the Internet in a safe and responsible way.


3 thoughts on “My thoughts on Blogging

  1. I was also a little hesistant about blogging when I first found out I would need to do it for ECS 110, but I find it to be a really useful way to keep track of where we are in our learning journey! I agree that it’s up to us to ensure students are using technology and the internet safely by providing a good example. Also just a quick note, where did you find your picture? Great blog!

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