Finding New Content

This week we are asked to subscribe to a RSS reader.  Before I was introduced to this, I thought that the only way to find new blogs or articles was through google.  I decided to sign up for the account that we looked at in class; Feedly.  I think the most convenient thing about this site is that I am able to type in topics that I’m looking for like #EdTech or #Guitar and I’m given a variety of articles and blogs to look at.

When I typed in those hashtags I was given a list of different blogs that fit that topic.  I was able to scroll through and read the bio’s of each person’s blog, which helped me decide if I wanted to follow them.  Two of the blogs I followed were TedTalks Daily and the Cool Cat Teacher Blog.  I chose the cat one because I love cats, and the phrase “cool cats” is something I’ve said before so I thought I would have similar ideas with this fun and goofy teacher.  I chose Ted Talks because it was something I’m familiar with from school.  I also really like it because I enjoy listening to people speak more than I like reading online.


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