Baptism by FIRE! My first Twitter Chat

This week we were given the opportunity to participate in a #SaskEdChat twitter chat.  When Katia told us that this twitter chat would be like a baptism by fire I scoffed and thought, “how bad can it be?” But HOLY SMOKES! This was the fastest hour of my life.

I think that one of the biggest challenges of the chat was that I had trouble seeing what everyone said.  It also took me a while to think of how I wanted to respond to the questions.  Although I was using TweetDeck to keep track of the hashtag and my feed, I felt like I was missing a lot of the conversation that was happening.  Perhaps if I had known the questions beforehand I could have had more time to respond to other people’s tweets and comments, instead of stressing over what I should say.  It was a very stimulating conversation.  But there were many times where I felt lost in the conversation.  Maybe in future chats I’ll take more time responding to comments rather than trying to answer every single question.

I am becoming more comfortable with using twitter.  Although I still think this isn’t my favorite social media platform.  I think the biggest issue I have with twitter is that I’m not able to edit my tweets.  I have to be very careful with my grammar and spelling before posting.  Another thing that I don’t like about twitter is that my notifications are sometimes unreliable.  I’ll get random notifications that a person I’m following liked a random tweet, but at the same time I won’t get notifications on responses to my own tweets.  Perhaps I will be able to solve this problem through exploring in my notification settings.  One thing that I really like about twitter is that I am able to network with like-minded individuals.


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