Getting in Tune

Now that I know the parts of the guitar before I can start playing I need to learn how to tune a guitar.  In my last post I learned that the tuning pegs can be found at the head of the guitar.  In order to tune a guitar, you need to turn the pegs to tighten or loosen the strings.  Doing this will either make the notes of each sting sound higher or lower.

A great app that I found for tuning the guitar is Guitar Tuna.  I can choose the sting that I want to tune, strum it and the app will hear and tell me if it’s too high or too low.  Before finding this app I was really worried about how long it would probably take me to figure out if my guitar is tuned.  But I was pleasantly surprised, I thought that the tuning part was really easy to use.  Although the tuner is great, I do find the cord library difficult to understand.  It shows you where to put your fingers but hardly has any words or explanation for how to hold the guitar and exact finger placement.  I think that when I start learning about chords I am going to find videos of a person explaining and showing me how to move my fingers.



9 thoughts on “Getting in Tune

  1. Hi Megan,

    I was excited to find your blog about learning to play the guitar! I’m interested to see just how far you will come by June 26th! Just so you don’t lose motivation, learning guitar in the beginning sucks, but eventually your fingers will remember where to go and playing the guitar, especially playing the open cowboy chords, becomes effortless and so much fun.

    Which chords have you attempted to learn so far?

    Also, there are tons of YouTube channel out there that can help you along the way. One that I used frequently was papstache102, he’s awesome!

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    1. Thanks for recommending papstache 102! I’m really liking his videos! So far I know c cord, A minor, A cord, D, and E! I’m planing to use those chords to learn how to play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond! It’s slow going for me but I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it. My biggest challenge is moving from one note to the other without a long pause in between!


  2. Finding a website or app that works for you is the best feeling in the world at that very moment! Happy you found something to help you succeed, excited to see how the rest of your project goes!

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  3. Finding a good tuner is so key. Until you’ve been playing for a while it’s pretty hard to tune by ear. For how to hold the guitar I would suggest watching some youtube videos on how to play and see how they hold their entire hand, not just their fingers.

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    1. I looked into videos on how to position my hand and it helped! My cousins were in town to visit and they also helped me figure out how to hold my hand. I think hand placement is something that I can’t learn from watching, I needed someone to move my hand to the right place.


  4. Hi Megan!
    It is crazy how many different apps/tools there are out on the internet that we never knew about until EDTC 300 and having to venture out and find new ones to help with our project. I never knew there was an app that could tell you if your note was too high or too low. I hope in the weeks to come you will post a video of you practicing notes. It seems that you have been working hard on this learning project and cannot wait to see more posts!

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    1. Thanks Danielle! Guitar tuna is a life saver, I highly recommend checking it out if you plan on learning guitar. I haven’t been as focused as I should have been with posting my learning project but I have learned a few cords. I’m currently learning how to play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Hopefully posting about it soon!


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