GoNoodle App Review

The app that I chose to review is GoNoodle.com. I used a few of their videos during my pre-internship but I wouldn’t say this is something I am fully familiar with.  My co-operative teacher liked using it a lot because our school did not have formal recesses.  Using the videos (like Zumba for kids or Indoor Recess Movement Mega Mixes) helped the students have stimulating breaks and get the movement that they needed throughout the day.  This app is amazing for bringing brain breaks into the classroom.  The best part about this site is that there are a variety of categories with many videos to choose from.  One of my favorite categories is Flow, which has videos to teach mindfulness to children.

In terms of the SAMR model, I think this would fall on redefinition.  I would say that it’s a redefinition because using videos to calm children down or create stimulating moment activities is something that one could not do as effectively without using those videos.

There are any ways to sign up for GoNoodle.  You can create an account for children, parents or teachers.  The app for children have a section where they can create their own mascot.  As they continue interacting with the site the children can win prizes for their mascots.


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