Summary of learning

Hello fellow bloggers!  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally here.  My last assignment for my last semester of my last year in university!  I’d like to say it’s a bitter sweet moment, but honestly this is just SWEET!  I’m so excited to come to the end of my academic career and branch off into new adventures.

For my summary of learning post I decided to use a website that I hadn’t used before.  I saw on the weekly plans that Powtoon was one of the recommended websites.  I thought that this was a free website.  Unfortunately it stops being free once you reach the 3 minute mark when editing a video.  Perhaps this website shouldn’t have been recommended to use on an assignment that’s meant to be 5-7 minutes long.  Oh well; just another way that university classes have suckered money from me.  I wish that I had known that it’s wasn’t actually free before I spent hours editing the video.  But with anything free there’s always a catch.  This reminded me of the discussion we had in class about Facebook.  “If the product is free, then you are the product.”  Ultimately I feel like I was scammed out of my money when I joined this page.

I have mixed feelings about Powtoon.  A lot of my hate for it comes from the website ripping me off.  Another thing I didn’t like was that it would lag a lot when I tried to move pictures or text.  The controls were very touchy and it was difficult to move things to the correct place.  Some positives about the site are that there a lot of images, text formats and animations to choose from.  The opening page had video tutorials for each step of editing.  I also was able to lay a soundtrack over my speaking and adjust the volume so that the song wasn’t overwhelming.

I don’t think I liked Powtoon enough to want to use it again.  But hey, I was duped into buying a subscription so if I can’t cancel it I will be powtooning everyday until the day it expires.  I hope you enjoy my summary of learning.  I feel like I am more tech savvy and confident in online spaces.  Send me a comment if you like or don’t like my video.  If anyone else has “seemingly free website” horror stories please share them in the comments! ENJOY!!


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