Check out these chords!

Hello fellow bloggers!  At last my semester is coming to an end.  Learning the guitar has been a challenge.  I struggled with finding time to practice and feeling confident with my learning.  There were so many times when I would give up in frustration because the guitar wasn’t sounding right.  I still haven’t been able to play an entire song without making at least 12 mistakes.  I have to pause before moving to the next chord which just makes the song sound bad.  Although I’m not at the skill level I wanted to be at the end of this semester, I did learn a lot of chords.  Here are some pictures of a few of the chords I learnt.


The first chord that I learnt was the C major chord.  In this chord I put my first, second and third finger on the C, E, and G notes.  When learning this chord the biggest challenge was being able to press down the strings.  When I learned this, my fingers didn’t have much callus to them.  They became sore after a few minutes of strumming.  Once I continued to practice, the calluses on my finger tips became to build up.  This helped make practicing a lot easier.



The next chord that I learned about was D major.  This chord used your first finger on the G string, your second finger on the high E string, and your third finger on the B string.  This chord was a little easier for me to learn because I didn’t need to stretch my fingers all the way across the neck of the guitar.  The more I learn new chords the more I wish I had bigger hands.  These tiny hands and week finger tips will be my guitar downfall!



This G major chord was one of the most difficult chords for me to learn.  The problem is that I needed to use high and low E strings.  This made me have to stretch my hand to reach both stings.  You can see in the picture that i still haven’t been able to play it without awkward looking hands.  This chord uses the second finger on the low E string, the first finger on the A sting, and the third finger on the high E string.  I learned that more experienced players will actually leave their first finger out of this cord.  Instead they would use the third finger on low E, their second finger on the A string and their fourth finger on the high E string.  I tried it this way but I thought it was even harder because my fourth finger is really weak and couldn’t press down the string.

The hardest part about learning guitar online is that I can’t ask a person if I’m doing the chords right.  The in person connection is completely lost when learning online.  I hadn’t realized how much of an interpersonal learner I was until I had to learn on my own.  I did find websites that had people explaining and speaking to me, but it wasn’t the same as an in person session.  Something I really liked about learning online is that I was able to do it on my own time.  I didn’t need to worry about looking nice or being on time to practice because I could work whenever I wanted.

I am still working on the song I want to play for Grandma, but didn’t think it was ready to film and post online.  I am working on You Are My Sunshine by Johnny Cash.  I chose this song because my late Grandpa was a huge Johnny Cash fan.  They went to their concert and no one was allow to touch their record of At Folsom Prison.  I learned that my Grandpa would always sing You Are MY Sunshine to my Grandma.  Perhaps in the future I’ll perform the song for Grandma and I’ll post it on my blog.






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