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Hello Bloggers!

Since learning about professional learning networks, I’ve been trying to be a helpful online presence for others.  Before taking this class I didn’t think that I’d be able to learn and connect with other through online spaces.  Now I see that I am able to share ideas and collaborate with others simply by using my laptop!

I think that I did the best at collaborating with others through Twitter.  Before taking this class I didn’t think of Twitter as a professional space, so I was surprised when it was introduced to the class.  Now I can see how easy it is to connect with others through Twitter.  Since the majority of twitter pages are public, I am able to like, retweet and comment on anyone.  Even if I don’t personally know the person I’m interacting with.  I tried to like the tweets of everyone in my class as well as comment encouragement.  There are a lot of instances when I would reply to questions or share my thoughts with others.


For example Ashley was wondering about healthy lunch options.  Recently I’ve been trying harder to clean up my diet as well.  I remember when I was looking for healthy ideas, I found it really hard to be pointed in the right direction.  So I shared with her a twitter page called Goodful, which provides easy to follow, healthy recipes.

Another interaction I had on Twitter was with Sydney.  She tweeted that she needed some ideas for her preschool group at daycare.

I have 7 + years experience working at a daycare so I thought that I should share ideas to help point her in the right direction.  I shared with her my Pinterest page which is filled with sensory and learning activities for a variety of ages.  There’s a lot on my page to sort through since I have experience working with infants, preschool ages and school age children.  Later on I private messaged her with more ideas that I think she might like.









I was able to use my knowledge from past classes to help out Maple when she had questions on how to get rid of fruit-flies when vemicomposting.

Initially I made a mistake by telling her to use apple cider.  Luckily I caught my mistake and told her to use apple cider vinegar instead.  I’m glad I caught that or else I would have made the problem worse instead of better.  I wish that twitter had the option to edit what you tweet!  I might send her a follow up tweet to see if she was able to get rid of the fruit-flies.  They were such a pain when I did vemicomposting so I hope that she was able to tackle the problem.




I was able to collaborate with my classmates for one of our blog posts.  I tried really hard to get working with Andrea and Meagan right away.  I created a google docs where we could edit together.  Since Meagan didn’t have Facebook, I used Twitter to create a group chat between the three of us.  Before this class I didn’t know that Twitter can do group chats.  For our first meeting I created a Zoom room for the 3 of us to use.  The meeting went really well, and we were able to finish our conversation before the free trial ran out.

Another way that I helped Meagan was when we discussed our summary of learning project.  I sat with her in our EPSY 400 class on Monday, and she seemed very stressed out.  She told me about the stress that she’s been feeling and how she’s worried about finishing her summary of learning.  I showed her the Powtoon that I was creating and how the website worked but she felt like it was a little too difficult for her.  I showed her the website Videoscribe as well, which is similar to how Powtoon works. She liked the idea of both of the sites.  As we continued to talk she told me that she wanted to create a Prezi but wasn’t sure how she would upload the video.  When she told me that, screencastify popped into my head.  I had used screencastify for my coding video and a project in my EPSY 400 class.  I showed her how to create a screencastify video and how to upload the video from google drive to Youtube.  I answered a lot of her questions on how to film.  By the end of our conversation she was feeling a lot less stressed about the final video project.  I’m glad that I was able to help her out.


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