Wrapping up Guitar

Hello! It’s crazy to think about how quickly time flies by.  It seems like only yesterday I was moving home from Regina and starting summer classes.

When I started this course I thought that this class wouldn’t be as difficult as it has been.  I say this because learning a subject online in addition to regular class work became a lot more than I felt like I could handle.  Especially because this class had a shorter start and end date.  I think I might have bit off more than I could choose when I picked a musical instrument.  I wish I had picked something like knitting because it’s a lot quieter and I wouldn’t have been limited to practicing my skill.  (I live at my parents house and couldn’t practice guitar after 9 pm)

In the beginning I didn’t know anything about guitar.  I liked listening to guitar, especially the intricate picking and strumming that you hear in folk music.  Now I am able to play chords without painful fingertips!  I’m still trying to play songs but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet.  Here is a review of all of my learning project posts.

Attempting to learn the Guitar

This is the first blog post I made.  I talk about my hopes for this project and what I already knew (nothing).

Fretting about Frets and Other Guitar Parts

For this blog post I experimented with Youtube creating a video about the parts of the guitar.

Getting in Tune

I learned how to tune my guitar for this blog post.

Not your Typical Blog Post

I used this post to explain to my readers why I haven’t been very active online.  This post helped me work through a lot of emotions I had been experiencing.

My poor, sore fingers

This blog post reviews a website that I found useful for my online learning experience.

Check out these Chords!

My last post shows my readers a few of the chords that I learned.


Overall, I’m happy with what I learned this semester.  I didn’t expect to become a guitar god but I wish that I could have become confident enough to share a song with everyone.  I do plan on continuing to hone my skills.  I enjoyed learning guitar, but feel like it was a lot to learn while trying to balance other classes, work and the unexpected curve-balls that life throws at you.  I think that since I’m finished classes I’ll be able to focus specifically on guitar.


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