Final ECS 210 Video reflection


Numeracy Through Different Cultures

My relationship with mathematics has always been a strained one.  I've always struggled with the concepts, and never had that natural talent for numbers like some people have.  I think the reasons as to why I have such a distaste for the subject, comes from bad experiences in math classes during my childhood.  Although I … Continue reading Numeracy Through Different Cultures

We are all Treaty People

I really enjoyed the ideas Dwayne Donald expressed in the video I watched.  When discussing colonialism, he talked about how it is an extended process of denying relationship.  He explained that there is a disconnect in the relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people.  When each group communicates with one another they are missing each other, … Continue reading We are all Treaty People

Mushkegowuk Cree Community Building

The article we read this week looked at the Mushkegowuk people from Fort Albany First Nations, Ontario and their goal to return to traditional ways of knowing.  The project hoped to build youth's connection to nature because they believe that nature is connected to intellectual, emotional, social, psychical, and spiritual development.  This project helped start … Continue reading Mushkegowuk Cree Community Building

Thoughts after the Reading

The reading this week helped me look at curriculum from a new perspective.  Levin argues that many educators "feel that education is a matter of expertise and should be beyond politics." I happen to agree with that belief.  Before reading I thought that policies surrounding education should be created by experienced educators.  Upon further reading, I … Continue reading Thoughts after the Reading

Expanding Ideas on Commonsense

This week we are once again looking at commonsense in education, specifically how it affects the student.  I thought our discussion on how schools have radicalized throughout history was very interesting.  It really made me think about my schooling I've has so far and the fact that topics on race were avoided altogether until I … Continue reading Expanding Ideas on Commonsense

From the words of Neil Postman

Throughout this month, the question “what type of teacher do I want to be?” has been floating around my mind.  The more I learn about different theorist, the more I realize that my values surround the ideas of progressivism and connectivism.  I want my teaching to be very child-centered, and try to teach according to … Continue reading From the words of Neil Postman