Contributions to Others

Hello Bloggers! Since learning about professional learning networks, I've been trying to be a helpful online presence for others.  Before taking this class I didn't think that I'd be able to learn and connect with other through online spaces.  Now I see that I am able to share ideas and collaborate with others simply by … Continue reading Contributions to Others


Wrapping up Guitar

Hello! It's crazy to think about how quickly time flies by.  It seems like only yesterday I was moving home from Regina and starting summer classes. When I started this course I thought that this class wouldn't be as difficult as it has been.  I say this because learning a subject online in addition to … Continue reading Wrapping up Guitar

Check out these chords!

Hello fellow bloggers!  At last my semester is coming to an end.  Learning the guitar has been a challenge.  I struggled with finding time to practice and feeling confident with my learning.  There were so many times when I would give up in frustration because the guitar wasn't sounding right.  I still haven't been able … Continue reading Check out these chords!

Admin and Teachers discussing Facebook in the Classroom

Below is an example of a well thought out *example* proposal from Elementary school teachers and the rebuttal from Administrators Dear Ms. Gattinger, For the last 2 years the influx of cyberbullying in our community and school has been on the rise. The grade 4 teachers have had an excellent idea that might help children develop digital citizenship … Continue reading Admin and Teachers discussing Facebook in the Classroom

Like Putting a Band-aide on a Broken Bone

Hello fellow bloggers! Do you ever feel that wave of panic upon realizing that your phone isn't in your pocket?  You frantically pat all of your pockets only to notice your phone sitting on the table.  Relief washes over you as you check you phone.  Zero notifications since the last five minutes you've held it.  … Continue reading Like Putting a Band-aide on a Broken Bone